Coppo 1896 S.p.A.

The founder of a success story

Coppo 1896 S.p.A. is Coppo’s historical company. It is the centre for the production, marketing, trading and retailing of liquor and foodstuff.

After having been historically the centre of activity, with which it all began, the production has gone through different periods: from the manufacture of soft drinks and syrups, to typical Italian traditional liqueurs (sambuca, amaretto, genepy, and more), to our Pastis the typical French national spirit anise. Nowadays our main product is the Limoncello Coppo, which is exported to some worldwide markets, primarily Japan.

In recent years, in the domestic market, we have specialized in the distribution of niche “products” from the vast catalogue of alcoholic products. As a result, in Italy we trade in many varieties of bourbon/scotch/blended & malt whiskey, premium gins, rare vodkas, and other spirits.

The trading activity is via Coppo importing/exporting the most renowned international brands in the major world markets.

We also have a number of retail shops in the city of Ventimiglia, on the border with France, in which one can find a wide selection of all alcoholic products (whiskey, rum, vodka, cognac, and more), as well as numerous Italian food specialties.