“One People, One Goal, One Faith”

Coppo 1896 Senegal SUARL: created in 2012, based in Dakar. It operates a plant in St. Louis, for processing and freezing local fish – exporting its products to Europe, the Far East and within Africa.

It has a direct presence on the most important beaches in Senegal (Saint-Louis, Kayar,Mbour, Yoff, Joal, Lampoul, among others). This ensures a continuous supply of a wide range of types and sizes of fish that is processed and frozen, in order to meet the varying requirements of our customers.
Administrative info

Complete Name : Republic of Senegal
Official Name : République du Senegal
Official Language : French
Capital : Dakar 1,031,000 (2016)
Government : Semi-presidential republic
Area : 196,722 km²
Population : 12,433,728 (2012)
Currency : CFA Franc (XOF)
GDP Total : 14.082 billion $ (2012)
GDP per capita : 1,074 $ (2012)

From Senegal we produce and export the following products :


Italian name : Pesce coltello
French name : Poisson sabre commun
Spanish name : Sable
Scientific name : Trichiurus lepturus


Italian name : Lingua (sogliola)
French name : Sole longue
Spanish name : Lengua
Scientific name : Cynoglossus senegalensis


Italian name : Polpo comune
French name : Pieuvre commune
Spanish name : Pulpo común
Scientific name : Octopus vulgaris



Italian name : Ombrina
French name : Otolithe bobo
Spanish name : Corvina bobo
Scientific name : Pseudotolithus elongatus


Italian name : Ombrina Bianca
French name : Otolithe Sénégalais
Spanish name : Corvina
Scientific name : Pseudotolithus senegalensis